Unconstrained with Rachael Barns.

On the road with Bill O'brien from Syracuse to Buffalo for an event over the summer.  I decided to send Rachael a text to see if she was free to shoot while I was in town. We were having trouble figuring out where to shoot because the weather was all over the place that day. We finally decided on her house because of the crazy rain that we were getting. With her set matching almost everything in the entire house (“which was not planned”) we were off to taking some pretty amazing images. There wasn’t a spot in the entire house that made for a bad photo. Hopefully we get to do something again in the near future until then, check out the images below!

Waters Edge with Crystal Casselberry

A familiar gloomy day in Syracuse, as clouds fill the sky and the light fades away. Crystal drove up from Ithaca after commenting on a live video that she wanted to shoot. The next day we decided to make it happen. the red lighthouse combined with crystals red set and the city across the water, we were all set for some amazing images. This time of year shooting towards the end of the day in Syracuse is much more difficult, as the sun sets quick and darkness arrives even faster. By the time we were done shooting it was almost completely dark.  Crystal was a blast to work with and hopefully we can do something in the near future!

Park With Hannah Wilkinson

An October night an empty parking garage, fluorescent lights, and cold cement.A space is only what you make it.

I found this location while wandering the city after dark with Nick Daniello. I have had these photos for a couple weeks and I am finally excited to share them with you! It’s been a little while since Hannah and I have shot. Both of us were pretty excited to get to the location and start shooting! We focused on using the beautiful light being cast on the floor and walls for most of the photos. Check out the results below!

Real Red with Madi Dallas

November is here, Cold air and darkness fills the streets of Syracuse as winter is on its way. Madi and I wanted to shoot inside to escape the rain outdoors. White brick walls, vibrant colors and a desire to create something. After shooting in the hallway we wandered into a room with chain link fence in every direction. Light peered through the metal creating contrast and beautiful shadows. Check out the results for yourself.

Orange Overdose with Sorenna Brown

End of October, crisp air nestled with the smell of damp leafs and freshly ground cinnamon. A time to start reflecting on the year that is shortly coming to an end. Sorenna and I met up in the city on October 25th, 2018 - but nothing could have prepared either of us for the excitement that was about to come. 200 stories up, the twinkling skyline, and a bottle of blood orange wine - I’ll let your imagination wander from there. Aside from shooting in New York Cities iconic locations, we ventured out to parts of manhattan that neither of us had come across. Creating memories and laughing the whole time. It’s definitely true that it doesn’t matter where you go as long as you have great company.

Poconos with Faith Marone

Can you believe almost a whole year has gone by since Faith and I have shot? Hopefully we have something coming together in the near future for y’all. These photos were just as cold as they look. We planned this shoot because the location was cool and it was dead right in the middle of us. This was the third set of the day, right before it got dark. Faith had always wanted to get out there and do a shoot in the snow. She learned soon that it was a whole different ball game than the normal thing. For those of you who don’t know, take your shirt off and go lay in the snow….. It burns. But as they say "pain is beauty" and these shots totally back that up. The snow truly created a winter wonder land in the mountains that day. I would love to shoot Faith in the snow again as these photos are amazing and she truly is great to work with. Be sure to comment below and also hit the like button at the end of the set. Get ready because winter is coming! 

Looking for Fires with Gianna Garofalo

We planned this trip as last minute as you could get. 9pm the night before. Then we left at 5:30am in the morning. Even though the weather was far from ideal. Thats what made these shots as unique as they are. We got to the base of the mountain around 7am which left us around 20 minutes to send it up to the top before sun rise. With this location being such a popular spot in the Adirondacks. It was our only option before the spot was flooded with hikers. The sun was coming through the low clouds which made the whole scene gloomy. Right when we started shooting, it began snowing! This was no challenge for Gianna as she has faced much colder weather when shooting in the past. This was the first of a few different sets that we had shot this day. Seconds after wrapping up the shoot, family's just arrived at the top. We both started laughing because we knew it was perfect timing and how awkward that truly would have been. As always enjoy the photos below and be sure to hit the like button at the end of the set.

Last Minute with Danielle


If anyone is known for last minute shoots, its definitely me. Today while I was driving around running an errand for my mother. I drove by this building that was being demolished. I contacted a few models because I wanted to shoot there before it was gone. No one was free. I asked a friend if she happened to know anyone who would want to be photographed. The awesome thing was that she did! Danielle contacted me immediately and we made it happen. This location was unique. Even though there was some pretty big windows, the entire roof was gone. This allowed for the soft light to fill the building. Danielle was awesome to work with and as always hope to shoot again soon. Check out the photos below and as always hit the like button at the end of the set!

North Salina :: 8/29/2018

After I had just finished a portrait shoot I saw that there was black smoke billowing up from the horizon.  Earlier in the day I had saw that there had been a fire downtown. I decided to take a drive over to have a look for myself. Parking a few blocks over and starting to make my way to the scene, fire hoses littered the ground. It had seem that they had just gained control over the fire. I took a few photos and was back on my way.

Golden Penthouse with Rachael Barnes

As always last minute shoots are the name of the game. This one was no exception. While in Buffalo with Bill O’brien for a lacrosse camp, I decided to set up a shoot on the way home. Rachael was super excited about the opportunity so we decided to send it. We got to the penthouse around 7pm ,with the beautiful golden light just about to happen we started snapping away. This was Rachael’s first shoot with me. From a photographers standpoint you never know what a person is like until you start photographing them. With her willingness to stand on the edge of a high rise and listen to direction she ended up getting some killer shots and was a blast to work with. There are two other sets from this shoot that I am excited to share at some point. Check out the photos below!

Monochrome In Buffalo :: Brenda

Hope everyone is having a bomb week, I have been on vacation in the Adirondacks enjoying the lake life. Brenda and I shot this set around a month ago in Buffalo when I was in town. Even though we didn’t have the best hotel room, we worked with what we had to make some amazing images. One of my favor parts of this set is how the chair and lamp worked so well together in black and white. Check out the Images below!

A Colorful Morning with Gianna Garofalo

Where to begin. This shoot was awesome besides the fact that we got up at 4:30am to make it happen. Why? You may ask. This was one of the only times where no one would be around in this beautiful location. With the sun rising at 5:30 ish it was game on for about 30 minutes. A big part of how I like to shoot, is getting in to a location and out without causing to much attention. So speed and efficiency are key! Gianna's outfit matched the colors of the umbrellas almost perfectly, which to me added another element to the shoot itself. If you have followed me from the beginning, Gianna was one of the first models I have shot. We both have come along way from then and I believe these Images show that. 

Last but not least. This shoot probably would have never happened if it wasn’t for one of my followers @crispyonthemic who owns the shop that helped make this art piece happen. He reached out before it went up. He also kept an eye on when it was busy and when it wasn’t, so we could plan a time to shoot. If it wasn’t for followers like him some of these cool shoots wouldn’t even happen! 

I hope you enjoy the images below as much as I do. Stay tuned for the next set. Also huge shout out for the people that come check out my blog!