Last Light with Katelyn Rounds

Happy Monday, hope you all had a good weekend! Katelyn hit me up yesterday and we just decided to get a quick shoot in since I would be out her way in Syracuse. With the light setting quickly we had to be efficient with shooting. When walking back to the car we saw the golden sky through the trees and decided to grab a couple more shots. Hope you enjoy the set, stay tuned for more!

Gold Light with Courtney Williams

You wanted to see it, so here it is! Courtney wanted to shoot awhile back. With being so busy and also it also being super cold this past winter we never made it happen! Courtney had never done anything like this before, she was nervous going into it but then realized how fun it was to get out there and create something unique. With the sun setting and finally having a day without clouds the light couldn’t have been any better. Hope to work together again in the near future! Check out the photos below.

21 Savage/Post Malone :: 5/26

In the past I have had the honor to take photos  of some great artists including 50 Cent, Skrillex,  and Rae Sremmurd. The other day I got to add 21 Savage and Post Malone to my ever growing list. The concert was absolutely amazing and I was able to get some breathtaking shots. Even though the concert lightening is all over the place its just that element that makes each shot its own.

I am so happy to have been able to get the shots that I got with some great editing. I am incredibly thankful for the experiences that I have been fortunate to have. My summer is full of shoots and concert photography and I can’t wait to see what else I am able to accomplish.

Natural light with Bella Gambino

On a last minute trip to Buffalo I reached out to Bella to do a quick shoot. Since we were pressed for time we shot one set at her house. The natural light all throughout the house was amazing but was most dynamic in the dining room. I definitely would love to shoot more in the buffalo area, it was a great change of scenery. Hopefully you will see some more work with Bella and I in the future.

On Site with Samantha.

Hope everyones week is off to a great start. This shoot was done in a house that my friend is renovating. One corner of the house is all windows, making it amazing to shoot in. The right light can bring beauty to any environment. Sam killed it, hopefully we will be working together in the future!  Enjoy the photos below!

Indoors with Sam

Happy Friday! Another week is completed. I think at this point we are all thinking the same thing. When will spring arrive here in Syracuse? With the usual cold, snowy and rainy conditions Sam and I thought it would be best to do this shoot at her place. We went for a chill/homey feel for this set. Samantha’s house was just about perfect for an indoor shoot. The house contained glass doors, big mirrors and unique decor and furniture. While it was still a bit of a chilly day, we were very fortunate for the sun shining through the large windows to give us the perfect lighting. Some of the Images I felt worked best in black and white and some in color. Hopefully we will be collaborating in the future until then stay tuned for the next set!

After dark with Anna

With the holidays last week, Anna had time to come back to Syracuse and we of course had to shoot!  Anna and I have shot many times over the past couple years. She always comes super prepared and confident. She worked hard to achieve her physique so she always brings her A game. Anna arrived to town at night, most people believe that you can’t shoot at night with it being dark. However the world is full of streetlights, don’t let them fool you, they make a pretty awesome light source. Check out the photos below!

Outdoors with Taylor Ely

Syracuse doesn’t always have the best weather for outdoor shoots. However, we received one decent day of weather this spring and we use it to create some stunning photos. in this shoot I decided to go with a more neutral background and really bring out the models body art instead of the more busy settings. I wanted to feel as if everything was completely natural. It wasn’t the best day out but I have learned to appreciate whatever whether I’m given to create my images.

Curly Curves With Maria Louise

Today, Maria and I decided to shoot two separate sets, one indoors and one outdoors. This indoor setting consisted of large windows and dated furniture. The mixture between the fluorescent lit couch and the natural light made for some amazing lighting conditions to shoot in. Maria decided to leave her hair natural for this shoot. Her crazy curly hair gave an unique look to these images. Stay tuned for the outdoors set!

Living on the Edge with Hannah Wilkinson

I hope everyones week has been good! It’s been a wonderful week with unusual warm weather, so naturally Hannah and I decided to go shoot outside. With temperatures almost in the 70’s it was the perfect day to get out and shoot. The location is amazing but it still required me to use my creative side. There are no props to use, other then what is in nature, so you have to get creative with your poses and angles. The uniqueness of the caves, graffiti and views really brought this location to life. This is Hannah’s second shoot, she was prepared for anything and gave me all her trust. Sometimes you just have to live life on the edge!

Casual with Maria Louise

After backing up a lot of photos this week, I stumbled upon some images of Maria on her balcony . We shot two separate sets on a day this past fall so it was impossible to pick what one to post first. I can’t believe I forgot about this set, but better late than never. The aesthetic of the gold bra works very well with the setting. This shoot had beautiful light throughout, changing from harsh sunlight to diffused soft light through the clouds. This photoshoot was not really planned if I can recall, we both just ended up being free and deciding why waste such a beautiful day when we could shoot something. I believe these images have a causal vibe which corresponds to the laid back vibe of the shoot. Enjoy the photographs below.

Honeymoon suite:: Faith Marone

Honeymoon suites are known for their romantic looks. It doesn’t look like it now but at one point this was one of the most sought after resorts for couples. Red carpets used to cover the floors and walls, heart shaped hot tubs in every bathroom, and mirrors covering the walls and ceiling this was truly the romantic getaway. Unfortunately its now destroyed and abandoned, but that doesn’t get rid of the vibes that it once had. This resort was a great find and I was so excited that faith could meet me here. We pulled together some great photos as this suite had so many angles and features to work with. This day was filled photos and laughs, I’m so excited to share these images with you all! More coming soon...

Mother Nature with Hannah Wilkinson

With the frigid temperatures gone for a day or two it was ideal to get out there and shoot. Hannah was an awesome model who replied to a Model DM post on Instagram. Shooting in the winter time takes a lot of dedication from the models. It is not easy to stand outside, almost completely bare, and stay still. Today the temperature wasn’t as cold so we were able to stay outside a little bit longer before having to end the shoot. The location today consisted of a beautiful dead tree in a field. Even though this is not the most exotic location it sure worked well. Most people would look right past this tree thinking nothing of it. However the branches contrasted off of the sky, with soft light hitting the model truly lead for great depth to the image. Hopefully I will be working again with Hannah in the future. Check out the images below.

Snow Ridge with Nick Daniello

Getting out and shredding is the best thing you can do in the winter. Believe it or not Snow Ridge is one of the best places to go do that in NY. This mountain is a hidden gem nestled away in Turin NY. It drops snow there by the feet, has all different types of terrain, and some awesome food to grab after in the restaurant. Located just a little over a hour from Syracuse, it truly makes you feel like you’re on a different planet with the beautiful scenery and amazing terrain. Nick and I have rode together for many years and doing crazy shit to get a shot is nothing new to either of us. First run out we decided that the shot of the day was going to be sending it off a stump down a near vertical drop. I believe when shooting snowboarding there is a huge amount of trust between you and the rider. Most of the time when doing something big you get one chance to nail the shot, Nick was counting on me to get it on the first go. Not only does he not want to do it again but sometimes the shot is ruined after one take because all the powder has been rode through. Today was a blast, we rode 6 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. We will be back up to Snow Ridge soon to do more shots and have a blast! If you’re looking to get out there and shred I totally recommend it!

Rider: @Nick.Daniello