In the Water with Amanda Baesito

It’s been a minute since I have posted, but better late than never. Amanda and I shot this set about a month back right after the weather started becoming warmer. Don’t let these photos fool you, that water is still cold as shit. If you saw our last shoot you know Amanda is a trooper and is in it to get the shot.  The light was as beautiful as the location, what more could you ask for. Check out the photos below.

Melting Snow with Amanda

With spring upon us and the weather becoming more enjoyable I reached out to Amanda because she has been in the gym getting her grind on. With the snow quickly disappearing we agreed that we should do one last shoot in the snow before it was gone for the summer. I've shot a lot of girls in the snow before and they have all been troopers; but, Amanda on the other hand is a girl not to fuck with. Out of everyone I've shot in the past, she’s the only one who didn’t even flinch in the cold. For real she was not even phased. With that being said, it was a cloudy day and there was a lot of waiting on our part to get just the right lighting to make this winter wonderland come to life but we had a great time working on the shoot together. I can’t wait to work with Amanda again soon. Check out the photos below.

Last Light with Gianna

Hello everyone! Hope your week is off to a great start. This set I shot with Gianna right before I had left for Asia. Originally I was going to post the set when I was away! However I didn’t end up having time to. We shot in an abandoned building in the Syracuse area an hour before the sun went down. Even though there isn’t snow in these photos it was ice cold. (Prolly around 15 degrees) Check out the photos below! 

Merry Christmas with Gianna

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here is my present to you. Gianna and I wanted to do a little Christmas shoot for everyone for all of the love and support over the year! Enjoy!

Snowy Streets with Jianna

A late night shoot and a weather advisory in place. What better time to drive around Syracuse and capture the beautiful lake effect snow downtown. If people in Syracuse didn’t think these models were crazy, they definitely do now. While shooting, people were screaming out their apartment windows and taking videos. They simply could not believe this girl was standing outside in the freezing cold during the heavy snow storm in lingerie. These types of photos are truly my favorite to take, they are unique and take a huge commitment on the models part. In the end you create something absolutely different and breathtaking. I can’t wait to do another snow shoot soon. Check out the photos below!

Cold City with Taylor Brooks

Syracuse off in the distance and the light from a single streetlamp. You don’t need much to create something beautiful. Ice cold air was blowing rapidly causing the whole shoot to be a mental toughness challenge. These conditions are tough for any model to shoot in, let alone for your first shoot. Taylor accepted the challenge and put the cold aside, staying composed under these temperatures take some intense focus. I can’t wait to work together in the future as always! Check out the photos below!

Unconstrained with Rachael Barns.

On the road with Bill O'brien from Syracuse to Buffalo for an event over the summer.  I decided to send Rachael a text to see if she was free to shoot while I was in town. We were having trouble figuring out where to shoot because the weather was all over the place that day. We finally decided on her house because of the crazy rain that we were getting. With her set matching almost everything in the entire house (“which was not planned”) we were off to taking some pretty amazing images. There wasn’t a spot in the entire house that made for a bad photo. Hopefully we get to do something again in the near future until then, check out the images below!

Waters Edge with Crystal Casselberry

A familiar gloomy day in Syracuse, as clouds fill the sky and the light fades away. Crystal drove up from Ithaca after commenting on a live video that she wanted to shoot. The next day we decided to make it happen. the red lighthouse combined with crystals red set and the city across the water, we were all set for some amazing images. This time of year shooting towards the end of the day in Syracuse is much more difficult, as the sun sets quick and darkness arrives even faster. By the time we were done shooting it was almost completely dark.  Crystal was a blast to work with and hopefully we can do something in the near future!

Park With Hannah Wilkinson

An October night an empty parking garage, fluorescent lights, and cold cement.A space is only what you make it.

I found this location while wandering the city after dark with Nick Daniello. I have had these photos for a couple weeks and I am finally excited to share them with you! It’s been a little while since Hannah and I have shot. Both of us were pretty excited to get to the location and start shooting! We focused on using the beautiful light being cast on the floor and walls for most of the photos. Check out the results below!

Orange Overdose with Sorenna Brown

End of October, crisp air nestled with the smell of damp leafs and freshly ground cinnamon. A time to start reflecting on the year that is shortly coming to an end. Sorenna and I met up in the city on October 25th, 2018 - but nothing could have prepared either of us for the excitement that was about to come. 200 stories up, the twinkling skyline, and a bottle of blood orange wine - I’ll let your imagination wander from there. Aside from shooting in New York Cities iconic locations, we ventured out to parts of manhattan that neither of us had come across. Creating memories and laughing the whole time. It’s definitely true that it doesn’t matter where you go as long as you have great company.

Poconos with Faith Marone

Can you believe almost a whole year has gone by since Faith and I have shot? Hopefully we have something coming together in the near future for y’all. These photos were just as cold as they look. We planned this shoot because the location was cool and it was dead right in the middle of us. This was the third set of the day, right before it got dark. Faith had always wanted to get out there and do a shoot in the snow. She learned soon that it was a whole different ball game than the normal thing. For those of you who don’t know, take your shirt off and go lay in the snow….. It burns. But as they say "pain is beauty" and these shots totally back that up. The snow truly created a winter wonder land in the mountains that day. I would love to shoot Faith in the snow again as these photos are amazing and she truly is great to work with. Be sure to comment below and also hit the like button at the end of the set. Get ready because winter is coming! 

Looking for Fires with Gianna Garofalo

We planned this trip as last minute as you could get. 9pm the night before. Then we left at 5:30am in the morning. Even though the weather was far from ideal. Thats what made these shots as unique as they are. We got to the base of the mountain around 7am which left us around 20 minutes to send it up to the top before sun rise. With this location being such a popular spot in the Adirondacks. It was our only option before the spot was flooded with hikers. The sun was coming through the low clouds which made the whole scene gloomy. Right when we started shooting, it began snowing! This was no challenge for Gianna as she has faced much colder weather when shooting in the past. This was the first of a few different sets that we had shot this day. Seconds after wrapping up the shoot, family's just arrived at the top. We both started laughing because we knew it was perfect timing and how awkward that truly would have been. As always enjoy the photos below and be sure to hit the like button at the end of the set.