Forsaken walls: Faith Marone

A couple weeks ago on my way down to New Jersey for my tattoo I misread the directions. It added a couple extra minutes to my already long commute but it couldn’t have worked out better. Not only did it add some nice woodsy scenery but I found a small town that looked stuck in the 70’s. It reminded me of a town that I’ve been before a while ago when also taking the wrong turn. Sure enough it was the same town with the same great abandoned structure. 
I wanted to shoot here badly but couldn’t stop as I had somewhere to be. I made a plan to find a model and come back soon to get the shoot done. It was a long drive to bring someone down with me, however it was directly in between Faith and I. I called up Faith and we made a plan to shoot for the next weekend.  
The weather was supposed to truly amazing but a snow storm was blowing in. We didn’t dare cancel the shoot and made our ways to the destination.
The first part of the building we were able to access was the basketball/gym. It doesn’t look like much but it was perfect for photos. There was a small hole in the ceiling letting some snow fall through and the top half of the room was covered with windows letting in a lot of natural light.
We don’t get to shoot often so when we do it’s great to catch up and create some spectacular work. This is only the first many sets from Saturday. Enjoy, and I’ll be sharing the other sets soon!