Snow Ridge with Nick Daniello

Getting out and shredding is the best thing you can do in the winter. Believe it or not Snow Ridge is one of the best places to go do that in NY. This mountain is a hidden gem nestled away in Turin NY. It drops snow there by the feet, has all different types of terrain, and some awesome food to grab after in the restaurant. Located just a little over a hour from Syracuse, it truly makes you feel like you’re on a different planet with the beautiful scenery and amazing terrain. Nick and I have rode together for many years and doing crazy shit to get a shot is nothing new to either of us. First run out we decided that the shot of the day was going to be sending it off a stump down a near vertical drop. I believe when shooting snowboarding there is a huge amount of trust between you and the rider. Most of the time when doing something big you get one chance to nail the shot, Nick was counting on me to get it on the first go. Not only does he not want to do it again but sometimes the shot is ruined after one take because all the powder has been rode through. Today was a blast, we rode 6 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. We will be back up to Snow Ridge soon to do more shots and have a blast! If you’re looking to get out there and shred I totally recommend it!

Rider: @Nick.Daniello