Looking for Fires with Gianna Garofalo

We planned this trip as last minute as you could get. 9pm the night before. Then we left at 5:30am in the morning. Even though the weather was far from ideal. Thats what made these shots as unique as they are. We got to the base of the mountain around 7am which left us around 20 minutes to send it up to the top before sun rise. With this location being such a popular spot in the Adirondacks. It was our only option before the spot was flooded with hikers. The sun was coming through the low clouds which made the whole scene gloomy. Right when we started shooting, it began snowing! This was no challenge for Gianna as she has faced much colder weather when shooting in the past. This was the first of a few different sets that we had shot this day. Seconds after wrapping up the shoot, family's just arrived at the top. We both started laughing because we knew it was perfect timing and how awkward that truly would have been. As always enjoy the photos below and be sure to hit the like button at the end of the set.