Poconos with Faith Marone

Can you believe almost a whole year has gone by since Faith and I have shot? Hopefully we have something coming together in the near future for y’all. These photos were just as cold as they look. We planned this shoot because the location was cool and it was dead right in the middle of us. This was the third set of the day, right before it got dark. Faith had always wanted to get out there and do a shoot in the snow. She learned soon that it was a whole different ball game than the normal thing. For those of you who don’t know, take your shirt off and go lay in the snow….. It burns. But as they say "pain is beauty" and these shots totally back that up. The snow truly created a winter wonder land in the mountains that day. I would love to shoot Faith in the snow again as these photos are amazing and she truly is great to work with. Be sure to comment below and also hit the like button at the end of the set. Get ready because winter is coming!