North Salina :: 8/29/2018

After I had just finished a portrait shoot I saw that there was black smoke billowing up from the horizon.  Earlier in the day I had saw that there had been a fire downtown. I decided to take a drive over to have a look for myself. Parking a few blocks over and starting to make my way to the scene, fire hoses littered the ground. It had seem that they had just gained control over the fire. I took a few photos and was back on my way.

Golden Penthouse with Rachael Barnes

As always last minute shoots are the name of the game. This one was no exception. While in Buffalo with Bill O’brien for a lacrosse camp, I decided to set up a shoot on the way home. Rachael was super excited about the opportunity so we decided to send it. We got to the penthouse around 7pm ,with the beautiful golden light just about to happen we started snapping away. This was Rachael’s first shoot with me. From a photographers standpoint you never know what a person is like until you start photographing them. With her willingness to stand on the edge of a high rise and listen to direction she ended up getting some killer shots and was a blast to work with. There are two other sets from this shoot that I am excited to share at some point. Check out the photos below!

Monochrome In Buffalo :: Brenda

Hope everyone is having a bomb week, I have been on vacation in the Adirondacks enjoying the lake life. Brenda and I shot this set around a month ago in Buffalo when I was in town. Even though we didn’t have the best hotel room, we worked with what we had to make some amazing images. One of my favor parts of this set is how the chair and lamp worked so well together in black and white. Check out the Images below!

A Colorful Morning with Gianna Garofalo

Where to begin. This shoot was awesome besides the fact that we got up at 4:30am to make it happen. Why? You may ask. This was one of the only times where no one would be around in this beautiful location. With the sun rising at 5:30 ish it was game on for about 30 minutes. A big part of how I like to shoot, is getting in to a location and out without causing to much attention. So speed and efficiency are key! Gianna's outfit matched the colors of the umbrellas almost perfectly, which to me added another element to the shoot itself. If you have followed me from the beginning, Gianna was one of the first models I have shot. We both have come along way from then and I believe these Images show that. 

Last but not least. This shoot probably would have never happened if it wasn’t for one of my followers @crispyonthemic who owns the shop that helped make this art piece happen. He reached out before it went up. He also kept an eye on when it was busy and when it wasn’t, so we could plan a time to shoot. If it wasn’t for followers like him some of these cool shoots wouldn’t even happen! 

I hope you enjoy the images below as much as I do. Stay tuned for the next set. Also huge shout out for the people that come check out my blog!

Fishnets with Courtney Sereno

Sorry all for the delay my summer has been go go go and now I will be posting some blog posts that I have backed up. This one was shot in a cute little apartment on Skaneateles Lake. With white sheets and a brick wall for a elegant look.  This summer has been super hot so it was nice to be inside and out of the heat for a little bit. When making this set I thought the fishnets went well with the white bedding to create some contrast. Stay tuned for more sets coming soon! Check out the photos below.

Gem with Gianna Garofalo

I used to work with Gianna quite a bit. However over time are schedules conflicted while she was away at school. The other night we were finally able to set up a time to shoot together. We went to two different locations, while both sets came out amazing I truly love the ones outside this old school diner. I have never done a location like this before. The sign for the diner let out a lot of light creating many different old fashioned tones. The outside of the building is modeled after a diner from the 60’s, something we don’t see much anymore. The whole feel of the diner really added a lot to these photos. I plan to find more times to work with Gianna in the future! For now check out this boss set below!

Loft with Hannah Wilkinson

For this shoot we were on location out in Oswego NY, a place where I would like to adventure more in the future.Hopefully I can get out there a bit more for upcoming shoots!

 We had the opportunity to shoot in a beautiful loft apartment with giant windows and exposed bricks. My friend was moving out of her apartment and offered to let us use the space! Enjoy the photos below.

Last Light with Katelyn

Happy Monday, hope you all had a good weekend! Katelyn hit me up yesterday and we just decided to get a quick shoot in since I would be out her way in Syracuse. With the light setting quickly we had to be efficient with shooting. When walking back to the car we saw the golden sky through the trees and decided to grab a couple more shots. Hope you enjoy the set, stay tuned for more!

Gold Light with Courtney Williams

You wanted to see it, so here it is! Courtney wanted to shoot awhile back. With being so busy and also it also being super cold this past winter we never made it happen! Courtney had never done anything like this before, she was nervous going into it but then realized how fun it was to get out there and create something unique. With the sun setting and finally having a day without clouds the light couldn’t have been any better. Hope to work together again in the near future! Check out the photos below.

21 Savage/Post Malone :: 5/26

In the past I have had the honor to take photos  of some great artists including 50 Cent, Skrillex,  and Rae Sremmurd. The other day I got to add 21 Savage and Post Malone to my ever growing list. The concert was absolutely amazing and I was able to get some breathtaking shots. Even though the concert lightening is all over the place its just that element that makes each shot its own.

I am so happy to have been able to get the shots that I got with some great editing. I am incredibly thankful for the experiences that I have been fortunate to have. My summer is full of shoots and concert photography and I can’t wait to see what else I am able to accomplish.

Natural light with Bella Gambino

On a last minute trip to Buffalo I reached out to Bella to do a quick shoot. Since we were pressed for time we shot one set at her house. The natural light all throughout the house was amazing but was most dynamic in the dining room. I definitely would love to shoot more in the buffalo area, it was a great change of scenery. Hopefully you will see some more work with Bella and I in the future.

On Site with Samantha.

Hope everyones week is off to a great start. This shoot was done in a house that my friend is renovating. One corner of the house is all windows, making it amazing to shoot in. The right light can bring beauty to any environment. Sam killed it, hopefully we will be working together in the future!  Enjoy the photos below!